Privacy Policy

What Personal Information Do We Collect & Why?

The data we will collect from you will depend on the service or product you apply for, or the service or product that we provide to you. We will only collect information that we need, or where we're required to collect the data to enable us to perform our legal, regulatory or contractual obligations necessary to provide you with the products or services, or where we have your permission.
This will likely include but not limited to the collection of:

Special personal information*

Data protection law defines some personal information as "special categories of data". This includes information about physical or mental health, sexual life, religious beliefs, race or ethnic origin, political opinions, trade union membership or biometric data.

This information may be necessary to collect when understanding the reason for your financial circumstances, or where it may help us to provide a better service to you. For example, a mental health condition that could affect your ability to make a decision regarding your financial situation or a prolonged illness that may have caused you to fall behind with your regular payments to your creditors.

Where we need to collect and process this type of data about you, by providing this information to us you give your explicit consent for us and any other third party to process this special data as set out in this privacy policy, unless we have a legal obligation to process this type of data.

Information about other people

If you provide personal information about someone else, for example when a joint application is made, you must do so with the permission of the other person.
We will use the personal information about the other person in the ways as described in this privacy policy.

How do we collect your personal information?

We collect your information in various ways.

What Do We Do With Your Personal Information?

We can only use your personal information where it falls into one or more of the following categories:

Initial Debt Advice

Where you make an application or enquiry for debt advice or other services we offer we'll use your information to provide you with appropriate information and advice about any solutions we may be able to offer to you. If you cannot provide this information, it may not be possible to progress with your application or enquiry.

We may also use this information to contact you about and process your application, for example, sending you an email, text message or letter to explain about our services.

After you have made you initial debt advice enquiry, if you then decide to go ahead with any of the products or services that we offer, the sections below explain how we will also process your data when we provide that particular product(s) or service(s).

Websites and marketing

To help us understand you and your situation better and provide you with information about other products which we feel may be suitable and relevant, we will use your personal information to create a profile of you and your circumstances. This allows us to provide more accurate service for you. For example, we may assess your creditors owing and household income and expenditure to determine whether you would be eligible for a debt solution.
However, if you don't want us to profile your personal information this way, to then better enable us to tailor any marketing communications to you, you can contact us to let us know that you wish for your personal data not to be used in this way.

Legal or Regulatory Obligation

We are required to by law or regulatory bodies to process your personal information, for example, to adhere to anti-money laundering or our regulatory obligations.


Where we have a copy of your personal information we may contact you to ask you to provide a review about our services and advice.


If you make complaint to us, we will be required to use your personal information to investigate the complaint and deal with your enquiry. We have a legal and regulatory obligation to deal with your complaint appropriately.

Who Do We Share Your Information With?

In addition to the companies, organisations and other third parties mentioned above, we may also share your personal information with the following organisations or companies:

These companies help us to provide our services and solutions to you. We will have a contract in place with any provider who directly provides us with such direct services to ensure that they comply with their data protection obligations and ensure that they have appropriate security measures in place.

We may also share your personal information where we have your consent to do so or where we're required to do so under a legal or regulatory obligation or court order, such as the police, local authorities or the courts.

Automated Decision-Making Systems

An automated decision is one which we rely on a computer or system to assess the information you provide to us to make a decision about you, for example the CRM System mentioned above provides a full financial assessment, this may include:

If we do make an automated decision about you, in some cases you have the right to ask that we do not make our final decision based solely on the automated decision, and you can also object to the automated decision and ask that someone reviews it.

Fraud Prevention Agencies

We may on occasion be required to share the personal information we have collected from you with law enforcement agencies and fraud prevention agencies who will use it to prevent fraud, money-laundering and terrorist financing and to verify your identity. If fraud is detected, you could be refused certain services, finance or employment.

Keeping You Updated

To help us keep you informed about the products and progress of your application, we may contact you by letter, telephone, email, text message, push notifications, social media or other online messaging platforms as agreed.
If an application for a product or service is started, we will attempt to contact to regain contact with you using thee above methods if we are unable to complete your application for whatever reason.
If your preference is not to be contacted in any of the above methods please let us know at your earliest convivence, however if we are providing a service to you, we and third parties mentioned above will need to be able to send you communications. This can often be due to a legal or regulatory requirement.
If your contact details or preferences change at all it is of paramount importance that you update us as soon as possible.

Information Shared Outside The EEA

At present we have no reason to share your information outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) but please be assure if we did, we would only share your personal information outside EEA, where we have your consent.

If we do share your information outside of the EEA, we will make sure that it is protected in the same way as if it was being used in the EEA.

The protection and security of your personal information is a matter we take very seriously, we will take as many precautions as possible in order to protect your data some of the steps we take but not limited to are listed below:

Your Rights

Access to your personal information

If you wish to access personal information that we may hold about you, you are able to do this. This is often called a "Data Subject Access Request". You can request this information by contacting us using the details below.
For your protection we may ask for proof of identity before providing the information you have requested.

If your personal information is incorrect

If the personal information we hold about you is incorrect you have the right to request that we correct this.

Right to suspend, limit or stop the processing of your data

You may wish that your personal information is deleted or that we stop processing the information, you may also wish for us to temporarily suspend the processing of data we have about you. There may be occasions where we are unable to delete the data due to our legal or regulatory obligations. We will however discuss this with you if you request for your information to be deleted.

Data Portability

In some instances, you may be able to request for your information to be provided to you or to another company in a format that can be processed electronically by you or the other company. If you wish to request this, you'll need to contact us.

Data Protection Officer
The Debt Advice Agency
Unit 7e, Duchy Business Centre
Wilson Way
TR15 3RT

If you are not happy with how we process your personal information you should contact us in the first instance. If you're not happy with how we have dealt with your complaint you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office. You can find their details on their website at

How Long Will We Retain Your Personal Information?

If you choose to take out one of our products or services and are referred to one of the Third Parties listed above we will retain your records for a period of 6 years. Telephone calls will be retained for at least 6 years from the date the call was made. (see call recordings section for more details)
If you do not go ahead with any product or service offered by us, your personal information will normally be deleted after 2 years unless we have another reason to keep your data, for example, if you have given your consent to receive marketing or promotional messages from us.

Telephone Calls

We record any telephone calls you make to us or we make to you or any other third party. This is for training, monitoring and quality purposes and to meet our legal and regulatory obligations. Some telephone calls may be observed by staff for training and development purposes.
As stated above we may keep a copy of the telephone calls for up to 6 years from the date the telephone call was made

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